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Finally, here is the big news…

Well, maybe a little background would be nice.  Hold onto the fact that news is coming while you read this next part, or skip it if you’re the reader that looked at my blog post previously.

I initially came to Piemonte in 2001 to work one harvest.  Despite a hiatus, I never really left…

After a short stint back in the UK, I returned to Piemonte in 2008 with the ultimate aim of producing my own wines: small batches, always of the highest quality possible, which are not being made by other producers.

After over a decade of life happening to me while I was making other plans, I decided, in January 2020, that the time was finally right for me to pursue my dream.

It wasn’t.

However, it is now…

As anyone who perused my blog post ‘Push for the Byrne’ will no doubt remember vividly, Byrne Vini was officially established, with the help of my great friend, Ed Bates, on 20th July 2020.  Even so, it has taken until now to find a way to get the wines to you directly and to be ready to do so.

And that, if you could not guess, is the big news:

Byrne Vini wines are available for purchase!


Get in touch – info@byrnevini.com – and I’ll tell you how.  Don’t worry – it’s dead easy!

And to whet the old appetite, here is what Byrne Vini has for your delectation:

One Word Series – so called because I wanted something pithy to refer to this range generically when discussing the wines and ideas with Ed, and we went through dozens of names.  I didn’t really feel, ‘Yes!’ for any we came up with and said I’d like it to be a one-word name for this range.  In the absence of any really grabbing me, I started calling them One Word wines.  Ironically, given it’s two words, that name has stuck…

In any case, these are the wines that are the most personal to me – wines I have blended, created and/or made myself and which sit outside the DOC and DOCG structures and strictures.


PRIMIS is Byrne Vini’s first wine and the first in the One Word Series – a red blend created from juice unearthed after a long search. As such it is unique: 600 bottles of hand-crafted…

Hand-bottled wine…

…with a hand-crafted woodcut-print label:

Only 30 original woodcut prints were made

Once these 600 bottles have gone, they’ve gone: like that perfect photograph, this is a one-shot deal.  There will be other One Word releases, but they will not be this wine repeated.

Lazarus Range – the label design is an old idea brought back to life when we were thinking of the negociant range and wanted a label to differentiate it from the One Word series.

These are wines that offer the typical at great prices.  Simple as that.  They are:

Langhe Arneis, Barbera d’Alba Superiore, Langhe Nebbiolo, Barolo and Barolo Cru Panerole

Some of the Lazarus bottles showcasing this season’s must-have look – Piemontese wines

If any or all the above pique your interest; or, better yet, you would like to buy some; contact me.

It’s a very straightforward process…

It has not been the smoothest of voyages to reach the first destination on our journey (nor has it for any of you over the past 18 months, I imagine).  But we are here!

Why not join Byrne Vini on the next leg of our travels and see where we pitch up next?

In the meantime, here are some more photos of what could come your way:

Who wouldn’t want to receive a six-pack of these…?

PRIMIS comes wrapped, too. And with a wax capsule…

…and is ideal for this sort of thing…