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“Awesome food & wine tour. Evan took us around and is very wine and region knowledgeable. The two wineries we visited were excellent, fun, and informative. Can’t forget the incredible pasta lunch. You can’t miss with this type of introduction and tour of the area.”

Russell Dryden, United Kingdom

The Glory Of The Italian Larder

Italy has so much to offer – Venice, Rome, the Italian Lakes, Tuscany, to say nothing of the Amalfi coast, Verona, Sicily, Naples…The list goes on.  And visiting each is like visiting a different country.

Piemonte is still something of a hidden gem, though.  That list of Italian destinations?  All wonderful, and all likely to feature before Piemonte.  If you asked a first-time visitor to Italy to put down the 3 places they would like to visit, almost no-one would say Piemonte.

And in some ways, that’s how we like it: we don’t want to become Chiantishire, or have our towns of 50,000 struggling under the weight of 30 million visitors a year…

And yet, to miss Piemonte is to miss out.

I have travelled the world over, trying as much local food and wine as I could wherever I went.  And each time, I was amazed anew at the quality, care and passion of Piemontese cuisine and its creators.


If you’ve decided not to drive yourself around, you could simply hire a driver.  But you will miss the true nature of Piemonte if you do this: to visit these wonderful people and places – to experience Piemonte as a local would – you need someone who lives and breathes the region, not simply someone to drive you to another appointment.

In addition to the wines and truffles, Piemonte is home to some serious grappa producers and is rightly known for the quality of its chocolate.  There are also artisanal beer producers and any number of small pasta, cheese and condiment makers.  And the scenery isn’t bad, either…

I will show you the region as the locals experience it, rather than as tourists experience it: taking you to the places that others do not know about.

These food & wine tours are aimed at those with an interest in food and wine; those open to seeing what the region has to offer.  They include visits to producers passionate about their area and its wares but these are not tours that require any specialist knowledge.  When all is said and done, you are on holiday and though you may wish to learn more about an area and its culinary delights and culture, it should be a relaxing and fun experience.


Wine Tours

Piemonte is home to arguably Italy’s greatest red wines – Barolo & Barbaresco.  Come with me to discover not only these, but everything else vinous that Piemonte has to offer, from Champagne-method sparkling wines to unctuous dessert wines and vermouths.

Food Tours

The cuisine tends to take a back seat to the wine, but that is not to do the food of Piemonte justice.  Whilst the white truffle hogs the limelight, Piemonte has a dazzling array of traditional, local dishes which change with the seasons.  Join me and discover such gems as artisanal cheese, pasta, chocolate and hazelnut producers.

Multi-Day Tours

If you have the time, then why not do a multi-day tour?  With 2 or more days, you can really delve into the region and sample a bit of everything Piemonte has to offer.  With a multi-day tour, it doesn’t have to be an ‘either/or’ choice – it can be ‘and’ !

Rest of Italy 

Each region in Italy is like its own country when it comes to the food, wine and scenery, and they are all worth visiting!  We could do Franciacorta, for example, if you wanted to dive into Italy’s sparkling wines, or Tuscany for the hilltop villages, rolling hills and terrific food and wine.  Or how about Sicily…?


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