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…And you should, too.

I was going to make this blog all about my wines finally reaching their buyers, but, given the imminence of Italy’s change in entrance requirements and what it means for travel, that post can wait a few days…


As you may or may not be aware, Italy is relaxing its entrance requirements for all non-EU travelers from March 1st 2022.  This relaxation means that you will no longer be required to show proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid as well as a negative Covid test to enter the country.  From next Tuesday, 1st March, you will only need to show proof of vaccination or recovery, or a negative test result if you are not vaccinated.

I need hardly point out that this makes it much easier to travel here: no different than in 2019, really.

So what are you waiting for?

When you want to come…Piemonte is ready.

Now you have decided to take the plunge and come to Italy, where will you choose?

Well – and this may surprise you – I would suggest Piemonte (Piedmont).

Italy has so much to offer – Venice, Rome, the Lakes, Tuscany, to say nothing of Puglia, Sicily, James Bond’s Matera and so on…Visit a different region, and you visit a different country.  Depending upon what you’re after, each has its merits.  But, seriously, Piemonte…

You want winter sports?  Torino (Turin) hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics


Stay in Bardonecchia, and Sempre Ski will make sure you enjoy some of the best slopes in Europe…

…and some of the best views…


You want Alpine meadows, trekking, hiking, mountaineering?  Piemonte has Italy’s only 4,000m peak in Gran Paradiso…

You want the beach?  It’s only an hour away

Spotorno Prom. There’s even a bar that sells wines from Luxembourg…

You want culture?  Torino has the National Museum of Cinema, housed in the building with the prominent spire below, the Mole Antonelliana

Torino was Italy’s first capital city, and remains a very elegant one. Well worth a visit.

the National Automobile Museum,

It’s not just Ferraris…

Royal Palaces,

  Outside, the Palazzo Reale looks like this…

…while inside, it’s like this.

and the largest Egyptian Museum outside Cairo…Which has some big stuff, like this…

…and much smaller stuff, like this. Looks like a chess set.

 You want Italian clothes shopping?  Torino is at least as good as Milano (Milan)…

The area around Piazza San Carlo and Via Roma is as good as anywhere in the world. Depending upon what you’re after, of course.

 All of these are world-class attractions, the equal of any in the rest of Italy.

If you are planning a trip focussed on food and wine, however, then nowhere in Italy offers as much as Piemonte.  The wines are the most interesting in the land and the cuisine, courtesy of the Savoyard Empire, is a sublime blend of French and Italian.  The wines are easily accessible, the food wonderfully seasonal and crowned with the glorious White Truffle, which has its own 2-month long fair every autumn.


And this is just for starters…

 When you come to Piemonte, I can ensure that you don’t miss out on discovering the true nature of this region: most of the glories of Italian regional larders are to be found in the small, family-owned producers, and Piemonte is no exception in that regard.  People making authentic wines or foods deeply rooted in the area and restaurants making seasonal dishes from locally-sourced ingredients.  To visit these places, you need someone local, someone who lives and breathes the region: someone who will show you places others don’t know about.  Someone like me!

This has been PiemonteMio (my Piemonte) for over 15 years and I know the region’s hidden gems very well.  Have a look at the sort of things that await you, and then tell me that you would not like to make this your Piemonte – PiemonteTuo:

In addition to the wines:

Just a regular week-night tasting…

 and truffles:

We actually get truffles almost all-year-round – these are sumptuous black summer truffles. Yum.

Piemonte is home to some serious grappa producers and is rightly known for the quality of its chocolate:

Sorry, no photo of Grappa – it’s not my thing – but Riccardi Cioccolato in Cherasco (a town also noted for the quality of its edible snails) makes chocolate to die for…

 There are also artisanal beer producers, such as FraMax, and any number of small pasta, cheese and condiment makers:

Master pasta maker Mauro Musso. Handmade dried pasta using only organic ancient grains, organic eggs and natural mountain spring water. Perfect for those truffles I mentioned above…

Natural sheep’s milk cheese – unpasteurised milk, rennet and salt. Amazing results…

And here’s where it all begins – 35 very contented sheep.

Fancy a go in a hot air ballon over the vineyards of Barolo?

We’ve got that covered, too.

 Then there is your accommodation to consider – there are plenty of options all over the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, from simple Airbnb rentals, through Agriturismos, to fabulous private villas and hotels at all levels. And as you can see from my link, I can help you with that, too!

When you want to come, Piemonte is Ready!


What are you waiting for?

Get that ticket booked and then contact me so that you experience the Piemonte that the locals experience.

And return home feeling that PiemonteMio is PiemonteTuo!