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Carpenters at Via Gallo

We have developed a huge respect for the Italian craftsman and his work ethic. The guys who do work for us here invariably arrive at around 8am and stop at about 6pm with a break at noon for a proper lunch at home or more often at a local trattoria. I suppose we encourage this by paying promptly but there is nevertheless a real pride and commitment in their work. Having said that they are all specialists and unlike their UK counterparts nevert cross the line into generalism.

Take our new recently installed cooker for example. One of our Italian friends thankfully supervised the exercise that involved: 3 carpenters to remove the old one and adjust and prepare the kitchen units, a stonemason to cut the granite worktop to the new measurements, 2 guys to deliver the cooker, a plumber to connect the gas, an electrician to connect the mains and finally someone to fit new valves to reduce the pressure from the gas “bombelone”. 10 craftsmen in all, whereas  in the UK  just 2  guys from the stove shop would have probably been sufficient.

Blacksmiths at Via Gallo

Feline vets

The new gates and garage doors involved the local builder, his specialist bricklaying dad, the electrician and of course the blacksmiths with dad providing quality control. With a recent boiler problem we discovered that the heating specialist and the plumber don’t have the necessary knowledge to fix the boiler.

Even the local vet has feline specialists

Sometimes frustrating, somehow endearing but at least they are all employed.