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IMG_0272There was a dramatic increase in tourism to the area in 2015 which, whilst providing a welcome boost to local businesses, also had its negative effects on those of us who live here. Some of my favourite wines sold out quickly and I now have to consider making reservations in restaurants where I used to just turn up.

In the space of a couple of weeks towards the end of the year, I was trying to buy some favourite wines and was thwarted. No Sottimano, Neive “Pajoré” Barbaresco, no Franco Rocca, Neive Barbera d’Alba Superiore “Bricco Sterpone”, no Francone, Neive or Negro Giuseppe Roero Arneis and no Rapalino, Neive Barbera Superiore to mention a few. I need an App with sensors in my favourite cantinas that alerts me when stocks reach critical levels!

I am used to just turning up at La Torre del Monastero, Neive in Neive, a pleasant walk away through vineyards and hazelnut groves with the dogs, but on one occasion they were full and on another just squeezed me in at the last table by the door.

If you haven’t been to the area I can heartily recommend Toscana or the Veneto which also apparently have decent food and wine. (Un)fortunately my friends now won’t go anywhere else!