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Something for the weekend, sir…?

Yes, it’s that time again.  Every year, as October swings around, we gird our loins and prepare for the swarming hordes to descend on Alba for the International Alba White Truffle Fair.  Well, last year and the year before we didn’t, obviously.  Far fewer visitors, there were…

Anyway, as September draws to a close, we usually gear-up for the International Alba White Truffle Fair (I know – it’s ungainly writing that twice, when ‘truffle fair’ would suffice second time around, but, apparently, for online search rankings, it helps if I repeat myself: I was always told not to when writing, but that’s Google for you…) and all its attendant paraphernalia…Then, in early October, we’re off!

The first weekend is usually a buzz, with Alba rammed full of visitors eager to sample the fabled Tuber (not that sort…).  This year, on the opening weekend, it was not quite so busy.  Busier than last year or 2020, but…

The weather didn’t help, of course.  It hasn’t helped all year.  We spent all summer asking for rain and then, once the harvest was done, and we could have done with a sunny weekend to kick off the Truffle Fair, it rained.  Recalcitrant, it’s been.  On the other hand, truffle fair or no, we need the water.

But I digress…Handing over €5 will gain you entry to the world’s largest white truffle market (be thankful I didn’t put ‘International Alba White Truffle Fair’ again.  Oh…).  With fewer people than usual, it was really easy to get in and have a good nose around.  Nose being the operative word – especially in autumn, Alba is an olfactory town.

Once inside, you can, naturally, purchase both black (Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini) and white truffles (Tuber Magnatum Pico) if you so desire:  
And you can take your purchase to the judges to be vetted for quality should you like extra peace of mind before you take your prize home to shave on pasta or fried egg according to choice.

The Truffle Fair also runs sensory evaluation courses so that you can become something of an expert yourself – though probably not as expert as the director, who evaluates something like 1,500 truffles a day…

And, as you can see, there are plenty of other courses, events and edible and imbibe-able products to sample:

Cooking, for example, or wines to try.  And cheese:

Sweeites from Torrone Sebaste (other brands are available…):

Hazelnuts.  We love a bit of hazelnut around here.  These are all from Alta Langa, and they’re great:

More wine.  And some intrigue, judging by the sommelier’s expression:

And imagine my surprise upon discovering that my new car had been delivered to the truffle market…:

So what are you waiting for?

You may have missed the first weekend, but there are still 8 more to choose from.

And you know the best bit?  The later ones will be less busy, with more space at the market, more places at the workshops, better truffles (probably) and less trouble booking a table at our wonderful local restaurants.  And finding a bed in town will be easier, too.

You might even get to have a pizza like this one…:

If that appeals, then get yourself over here – the truffle fair is on Saturday & Sundays only, which leaves you the rest of the week to have a mooch around the area with PiemonteMio!

So if you come on down for the International Alba White Truffle Fair contact me – I can offer you all kinds of other wine- and food-related experiences while you’re here, including truffle hunting!  And I promise I won’t keep repeating International Alba White Truffle Fair every few minutes…

If you’d like a starting point on how to get to Piemonte, this helpful post is as good as any.

See you at the Truffle Market this weekend!

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