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Each region of Italy is like its own country when it comes to the food, wine and scenery, and they are all worth visiting!

I have great contacts all over Italy for all sorts of wine and food experiences.  This photo was taken on a trip to Montalcino, Tuscany, during a visit to one of the best producers in the region.

Prior to this, we had been in Franciacorta – Italy’s ‘Champagne’ region on the south shore of Lake Iseo.  Don’t let them hear you call it that, though – when they drew up the production rules for Franciacorta, they made the minimum ageing requirements 1 month longer than their Champagne counterparts to ensure that Franciacorta wines gave extra quality…

Then there is Liguria, Verona, Umbria, Basilicata, Sicily…

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Sample Itinerary

Below is a tour template based on the trip mentioned above.  It will give you an idea of what is available in terms of visiting other regions in Italy.  However, since all of my tours are custom-made to fit your requirements, we can take it in whatever direction you would like:

Fancy a cooking class in Matera?  No problem!  And if you don’t know what Matera is like, watch the latest James Bond film, No Time To Die, and pay particular attention to the opening scenes.  It looks like a CGI backdrop, but it isn’t – Matera really is like that…

Interested in the wines of Mount Vulture in Basilicata?  Easy!  Chianti?  Say no more…

I will do my best to make the tour exactly what you hoped for, plus a little bit more…

Sample Itinerary

Day 1 – Franciacorta, Lombardy

09.30Arrive in Iseo – Meet at Iseo Rail Station, walk to BorgoLago Suites to check-in to accomodation.

Optional coffee in Iseo – it might be needed…

10.30Pick-up BorgoLago Suites.

11.00​ ​-​ ​13.00​ ​Franciacorta Winery Tour & Tasting.

13.00​ ​-​ ​14.30​ ​Franciacorta Wine Tasting & Light Lunch.

15.00​ ​-​ ​16.30​ ​Franciacorta Winery Tour & Tasting. 

17.00​ ​Return to lodging

Day 3 – Chianti, Tuscany

09.45 Pick-up ​ – We will meet at your lodging or a suitable place in Greve in Chianti, such as a café. 

10.00​ ​-​ ​12.00​ ​Chianti Winery Tour & Tasting – The morning tasting will include a visit to the cellars and vineyards.

12.30​ ​-​ ​14.30Lunch Lunch will be 2 courses with local wine, water and coffee at a typical restaurant or osteria.

15.00 – 17.00 Chianti Winery Tour & Tasting – Following lunch we will tour another Chianti wine producer before heading south to Montalcino.

18.30Arrive at Montalcino and check-in to accomodation.



Included – My 25+ years of experience in the wine industry, as well as all the contacts, knowledge and experience I have gained over nearly 20 years living in Piemonte.

Program planning, including logistics, transport, appointments and lunch bookings.

Road and rail transportation between regions is included in the tour.  Naturally, in the case of days used for travel, such as in the above example, this day will also be charged.

A full itinerary will be sent to you prior to the tour and includes dates and times for every visit/stop, links to producers visited, contact information and any applicable fees (e.g.: winery tasting fees).

Bottled water will also be provided.



Day 2 – Transfer to Tuscany

10.00 Depart Iseo

12.30 – 14.30 Lunch in Modena or Bologna – We will break the journey up with a stop in either Bologna or Modena to sample the typical foods of Emilia-Romagna, home of Parma Ham, Parmesan, Balsamic Vinegar and Spaghetti Bolognese.  Dinner will be optional…!

17.00 Arrival in Greve in Chainti – We will arrive in Greve in late afternoon for check-in.  Following that you will be at liberty to spend the rest of the day as you wish – aperitivo and dinner on your own; shower and sleep; whatever you fancy.

Day 4 – Montalcino, Tuscany

10.00​ ​Depart Montalcino 

10.30​ ​to​ ​12.00​ Montalcino Winery Tour & Tasting – The morning tasting will take in a producer in Tuscany’s most illustrious wine region, Brunello di Montalcino.

12.30​ ​to​ ​14.30 Lunch – Lunch will be 2 courses with local wine, water and coffee at a typical restaurant or osteria.

15.00​ ​to​ ​17.00​ ​Montalcino Winery Tour & Tasting: After lunch we will conclude the tour with a visit to another Brunello producer.

17.30​ ​Return to Lodging or transport to relevant point of departure.


Not Included – Accomodation, breakfast and dinner are not included in the cost of the tour.  Any gratuities you feel like leaving are not included.

Air and sea transportation are not included.

Tasting fees are not included since these vary considerably, especially if private or specialised tastings are requested.

Lunch is not included in the tour price – that way you are free to choose whatever you wish to eat and drink: from white truffles to Cru Barolo.

Extra activities such as cooking classes, truffle hunts and other specialised activities or visits are not included.  Pricing for these can be provided upon request.

Any and all activities not included in the agreed tour itinerary.

Anything not specifically mentioned in the ‘What The Tour Includes’ section.

As mentioned above, this is an example based on a previous expedition.  The whole of Italy is your oyster, and I have particularly good contacts in Franciacorta, Verona, Tuscany, Umbria, Basilicata and Sicily.

If you are interested in wine-only tours in Piemonte, then there is a button below for that.  If you are interested in just food producers, there is another button for that.  And if you would like to spend more than one day looking around the delights of Piemonte, there is even a button for that…!

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